Powerlifting Registration

Early Entry Fee:

  • Full Powerlifting Meet $100.00
  • Squat Only $85.00
  • Bench Only $85.00
  • Deadlift Only $85.00

Any two lifts Only (ex. Bench Only and Deadlift Only) $95.00.
To enter multiple divisions/categories:
$50 each after the first division.

Must be a SPF Member. If you are not already a member send an
additional 30.00 for adults and 20.00 for Teenagers for your membership card.

Entry Fees Mailed to: Ramey Benfield, 5601 SPID, suite D, #231, Corpus Christi, Texas 78412 • MAKE All CHECKS PAYABLE to Ramey Benfield. For more info: 832-455-3531 or E-mail: spftexas@gmail.com